South America: All that you have to know about this Sub-Continent

South America:

South America is one of the geographically diverse continents, that is a home for a large number of ethnic cities from all over the world. The continent boasts with a lot of places known for its scenic beauty and overflowing craze for these places all around the world. A large number of visitors pour in every year to get a glimpse of the destinations. In case in you are planning on a South American trip you ought to know the pros and cons of this place. 


If you wish to hear the good things before you close, you ought to listen to the bad ones first. Let’s see the worst things you will have to face in your South American trip 


  • Music is something that everybody loves, but probably not when you are in the South American continent. In the highlands of Bolivia, there is this band that plays a collection of traditional Andean music in which each song goes for about 15 minutes. This is simply too much to handle.  
  • You cannot always get along with the food habits of the Brazilian people. Though there are best places to dine, you still have to starve in Brazil. The Brazilians have a weird liking when it comes to cooking, especially meat. You just have to get away with it. 
  • Argentina is best when it comes to scenic beauty. But the same doesn’t hold good when it comes to beaches and seashores. All of us prefer beaches in a color that is close to blue but not even in your wildest dreams you would love to see a beach in orange. But that’s what you get in Argentina. 


  • There is a laundry list of places to visit if you are planning to go to South America. You will never regret visiting these places and you will get the best experience ever.  
  • You get to meet the best kind of people in Columbia. No offense others are really good too. But Columbians are a little different. They volunteer to help, even if you don’t need them. They are very friendly and welcoming. You will never want to leave once you realize how Columbians are. 
  • Paraguay is one place you shouldn’t miss if you are in South America. You get to enjoy the best deals here. Be it food or other products they seem really cheap, with decent quantity and amazing quality. It is also the best place to buy electronic goods in the whole of the sub-continent. 

Some of the places you shouldn’t miss if you are planning a trip to South America. 

For all those adventurous hearts out there, you people should visit these places for sure: 

  • Swing at the end of the world in Banos, Ecuador 
  • The world’s most dangerous Road, Bolivia 
  • Canopy walk, the Amazon, Peru 
  • Angel Falls, Venezuela 
  • Sail towards the Antarctica 
  • Atacama Desert, Chile 

If you love to see all green and find some peace, then you will find these destinations cool: 

  • Lake Titicaca, Peru  
  • The River of Five Colours, Columbia 
  • Mount Fitzroy, Argentina 
  • The Amazon River 
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 
  • Easter Island, Chile