Learn How You Become Anorexia Nervosa

Many of us desire to have an ideal weight and we put so much effort in attaining this by eating a balanced diet and working out. However, when its an obsession for you to lose weight you do extraordinary things to ensure your weight is low as possible even under your healthy weight. There are several ways in which you can learn how to become anorexia nervosa. You must first feed your mind with an image of yourself that you do not like, the one that portrays you as fat even when you are not. You must have a great urge to become thin and detest being fat.

These are some of things have to do if you want to become anorexia nervosa.

  • You must be very keen on counting calories you take in to ensure you do not take even any extra calories but rather take low calories.
  • You induce vomiting after a meal. In doing this, your stomach feels full thus you keep hunger at bay and you also avoid cravings. This also removes suspicion as you are present during meal time.
  • When you have meals you restrict the quantity of the food so you only take very small portions of your meal. This ensures you take lesser amount of food than required by your body.
  • You often skip meals. You will sometimes have to do without food and this may lead you to lie that you already took a meal earlier.
  • You must be very careful not to consume any fatty meals and even carbohydrates as these may cause weight gain but only concentrate on eating low calorie diets.
  • You will need to take diet pills suppressants so that you keep your appetite low and therefore you lose weight.
  • You take diuretics which are medication that remove water from your body thus reducing your body weight since water increases the body weight.
  • Check your weight often to achieve and maintain your ideal weight which is actually not a healthy weight but underweight.
  • You exercise excessively even through injuries and bad weather, work out becomes compulsory for you no matter the circumstances to ensure you burn calories.
  • You look yourself often on a mirror to monitor your body image though in anorexia nervosa you will mostly see a distorted image of yourself. You deny that you are thin while actually you are and this only motivates you to lose more weight.
  • You have great recipes and cook for others while you do not eat the same food you prepared.