10 ways to save money on the road 

 Save money on the road:

The urge to save money is a universal phenomenon. Just that all of us have it at different intensities. Not just misers, when it comes to saving money, even a conspicuous consumer would love to listen to it. So here are 10 tips to save money on the go.  

travel road

Means of travel:

When you travel, look for cheaper ways of transportation. Compromise on the comfort a bit when it comes to traveling, or else you will have to simply empty your purse under this one head, transportation. Do not always look for a flight, try a bus or train. It is more cost effective. 

Travel fast:

Look for a means to travel or move ahead fast even when you are standing in a queue. Travel with the ones who are aware of what happens next. Do not choose to stand behind a family. It will take all the time in the world to move ahead. 


The next place where you can save is in accommodation. Try to be simple. Get a place with the basic facilities and that will be sufficient. After all, you have traveled a long way off not to spend all your money on accommodation. If you have people with you, try getting a suite. This way you are saving money and at the same time, you can all stay together. 

Get a guide:

When it comes to getting a guide, do not plan on getting someone along with you all the time. The person might be an interruption in your fun and to have someone under the nose all the time is not something you want. So visit a local tourist office and gather details, that must be pretty much sufficient. 


Do not leave the doorstep without making a clear planning when you decide to go on a trip. Always have alternatives. So plan A fails you have plan B to hold your back. This will save a lot of your time and money. 


Though I wouldn’t recommend you to dine in costly hotels, this is one place where you don’t have to worry spending because of two reasons, one is you can find cheap but quality hotels with a little effort and if not this place you will never get to spend anywhere. Remember, never pick a tourist area to dine, all this saving would go pointless. 

Get some exercise:

Do not book a cab or take a drive for the closest places. Instead, you can walk if the place is well within the walking distance. You get to experience a lot of stuff as you travel and also you do not have to look for a gym. 

Spend on the essentials:

Be careful when you go to a new place and spend. Try to learn about the local pricing system so that you are not trapped. Spend money only on the essentials and things that you would like to take back home.  

Avoid luggage:

Do not carry too much of stuff when you travel. Know the reason for your travel and limit your baggage accordingly. Luggage is the reason why you choose you to go for comfortable means of transport even if they seem a little costly. So travel carefree! 

Do not save a lot:

Of course, the whole intention behind is to save money, but too much of saving can backfire at times. So pinch your penny cautiously.