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Natrol Biotin 10000 MCG Maximum Strength Tablets 100 Count

The daily intake of Vitamin B- complex ensures the production of new, healthy cells and also prevents damage to our cells by removal of harmful particles within our body system. Its most favourable attribute is the breakdown of fat and carbohydrates into amino acids. However, its most popular attribute is its ability to improve our skin, hair and nails.

Vitamin B- complex is absorbed in the body through foods and supplements. Getting the fare amount of Vitamin B- complex in our food intake can be limited thus the need for Natrol biotin 10000 mcg maximum strength tablets 100 count. This supplement is water soluble and thus quickly absorbed into the body system. Natrol biotin 10000 mcg maximum strength tablets’ main function is to enable growth of cells. It is also quite essential because it acts as a coenzyme in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates into amino acids.

Its 10,000mcg daily intake ensures that the consumer meets their daily Vitamin B-complex requirement. Natrol biotin 10000 mcg maximum strength tablets’ function of cell production ensures the growth of beautiful, healthy hair and nails. Most consumers of this supplement attest to the speedy result in shiny and lustrous hair and an easy solution to the problem of chipping nails. A daily intake of this supplement has brought positive results to the problem of thinning hair and hair loss. It is therefore an excellent product for people suffering from hair loss due to hyperthyroidism.

One may wonder how this product works. Simply put, Natrol biotin 10000 mcg maximum strength tablets support cell production in the body system and this steady growth of cells increases the strength of nails, giving one resilient and longer nails. It also increases the size of the hair bulb of one’s hair follicles essentially making the hair appear shiny, long and full.

Natrol biotin 10000 mcg maximum strength tablets do not contain animal products such as eggs, fish, nuts and milk. These tablets are 100 % vegetarian. Natrol biotin 10000 mcg maximum strength tablets also do not contain artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. A daily intake of 1 tablet a day is recommended or otherwise seek instructions from a physician.

Natrol biotin 10000 mcg maximum strength tablets currently retail at about $8 per bottle. Each bottle contains 60 tablets and can be purchased in any pharmacy worldwide. Consumers are also advised to try the new Natural Strawberry Flavour for your daily intake of this fast absorbed Natrol B-Complex vitamin supplement.

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